Colours and gsm are subject to availability (however if you do have a colour preference or custom colour you would like us to make, do let us know): natural, dusty pink, cumin yellow, cutch brown, light indigo, dark indigo, leafy green, madder red and dark grey.

Gsm options:

Malai soft  (300-500 gsm) Material suitable for fashion application with a smooth finish and soft feel. We recommend to back it up with an adhesive lining in order to increase the strength.

Malai medium  (550-650 gsm) Material suitable for fashion accessories, stationery, packaging and furnishings application. This range has more textured surface finish, remains flexible and has a medium soft feel. We recommend to back it up with an adhesive lining.

Malai strong (700-1000 gsm) Material suitable for furnishing application, interior surface design, stationary. Malai strong is more structural, textures and has a rougher, more rigid feel.

Dimensions of an individual sheet: ( 1200x800mm)

The price depends on type and amount of sheets. (See the Pricing list below)


Please drop us an email in case your payment doesn’t go through.




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